Inspection & Hull Cleaning
Underwater Cutting & Welding
Propeller Cleaning & Polishing
Survey & Inspections
Recovery of Selvage
Attending Emergency Calls
Cleaning of Pond & Lakes
Inspection & Hull Cleaning
Underwater Cutting & Welding
Propeller Cleaning & Polishing
Survey & Inspections
Recovery of Selvage
Attending Emergency Calls
Cleaning of Pond & Lakes
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About Us

Dam Diving Services is a registered Marine Underwater Diving Services Company located at Industrial Area Dubai 

UAE offers a broad spectrum of specialised underwater services to ship owners and government agencies involved in marine undersea service around the UAE.

Dam Diving has extensive experience in Quay Wall Inspection & Maintenance, Sea Bed Survey , SheetPile Removal, Debris Clearance, Underwater Welding, Cutting & Repairing, e.t.c.

By combining expertise & experience of Management & Staff Diving Services is capable of mobilizing & executing any project rapidly & efficiently ranging to U.A.E without compromising the quality of work & above all the safety of the project & personnel involved.

Dam Diving is equipped to carry out a wide variety Of underwater inspection, (NDT) Non Destruction Testing Sub-surface & surface, Cleaning & Maintenance works to all types of Vessels in U.A.E. 

Dam Diving is a team of experienced personnel and we are available for service promptly.

We operates under strict compliance of current HSE legislation where we conduct our business. SAFETY is Our 1st Priority on all our operations and will not be compromised. We believe all Accident and incidents may occur but can be controlled or minimized through an effective (S.M.S) Safety Management System.

U/W Planned Preventive Maintenance

We understand the importance of maintaining the integrity and performance of your vessel. Our skilled divers are trained in the art of preventive maintenance, ensuring that your vessel is kept in optimal condition. Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Thorough painting/polishing & cleaning services: Identification of corrosion, cleaning & painting of ships, vessels, barges, floaters’ exterior surfaces as per PPM inspection findings.
  • Removal of marine growth & debris: Optimize fuel efficiency, reduce drag & enhance maneuverability.
  • Minor repairs during PPM visit.
  • Hull Inspections: Regular inspections of the ship’s hull including sea chest works for signs of corrosion, damage or fouling.
  • Propeller & Rudder Maintenance: This includes checking for damages, erosion or fouling and performing necessary cleaning, repair or replacement as required.
  • Anode Replacement: Regular replacement of the anodes is essential to maintain their effectiveness and safeguard the hull against corrosion.
  • Documentation and Record-Keeping: These reports include findings, photographs, and recommendations for any necessary maintenance or repairs to ensure your vessel’s continued reliability and seaworthiness.
  • PPM for Swimming Pools & Aquariums: Cleaning services of swimming pools and aquariums as per standard PPM schedule. 
  • Cleaning of reserve tanks, canals, water reservoirs, artificial lakes. 

U/W Predictive Maintenance

Predictive maintenance services for vessels encompass proactive measures aimed at identifying potential issues before they lead to failures or disruptions. Here’s an overview of the maintenance services we offer in predictive maintenance for vessels:

  • Condition Monitoring: Data analysis to detect early signs of wear & tear, corrosion or other anomalies.

  • Maintenance Planning: Based on the findings from the condition survey and predictive analysis, we develop tailored maintenance plans for your vessel.

  • Baseline inspection of platforms, cables, pipelines, jackets
    Before-and-After Comparisons: Including videos and photographs to track the progress & record.

Whether it’s underwater inspections, maintenance, salvage operations or underwater construction, we approach each task with unwavering dedication and a commitment to excellence.

U/W Reactive Repair & Maintenance

In response to unexpected equipment failures, our reactive maintenance services aim to address the issues swiftly & restore functionality. Our scope for reactive maintenance for vessels includes but is not limited to:

  • Emergency Repairs: Our experienced team is equipped to handle a wide range of repairs, including patching hull breaches, repairing propellers, stabilizing damaged components & addressing structural issues.
  • Replacement of Failed Components: Swiftly replace failed or defective components to restore the functionality of the system or equipment, minimizing downtime and disruptions to diving operations.
  • Salvage and Recovery: We have the expertise to safely retrieve sunken or stranded vessels.

Civil & Offshore works

  • Construction of quay wall, sea wall, screeding, fixing of blocks/ rocks.
  • Installation of nets, gravity retaining walls for rubber barriers.
  • Installation of marking buoys, mooring, and pile jackets.